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Retail Management Software

 Advantages of Using Web Based Retails Management Software


  • The provider will back–up all of your important information on their server so you won’t lose anything due to a computer crash or theft.
  • You can access reports, inventory and other information from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • You don’t have to purchase expensive POS software.
  • Most services provide free updates so your POS program will never become outdated.
  • Web–based POS programs are easy to upgrade. You can add features or work stations to fit your business as your business grows or during busy seasons.
  • The provider can address technical problems instantly over the web by accessing your account and fixing problems remotely. Some even offer 24/7 support.

Business Benefits

Cristalo Online provides various business benefits to it's user that helps them in saving cost, providing better customer service via managing customer Accounts to cross-sell and up-sell, good supplier management, accurate management of inventory, etc.


· Significant improvements in reduction of customer sales transaction time. Helps you do more transactions per

· Accurate business closing with very little manual work help you minimize the time it takes after the last sale to close business for the day. Gives peace of mind and reduced hassles in store operations

· Ease of use and simplicity reduces the training time and the robustness minimizes the inadvertent errors made by POS operators. As there is lots of churn among POS operators, this is one of the biggest benefits of Cristalo Online point of sale

· Accurate recording of all inventory transactions lead to better inventory management .

· Flexible and comprehensive inventory classification to suit your business needs. Such inventory classification can be specific to each department.

· The price level formula and the price levels make sure the selling prices are fixed correctly, as per your gross margin goals for given product / category. It reduces manual work and leaves the review to fewer products where the purchase price, landed cost and selling prices changes.

· 100% audit of all operations. Audit log help investigate issues to learn about the operational issue and help you take steps to prevent them in future.

· Comprehensive security module helps to have assign user rights to users.

Modules In Cristalo ( Online)

Billing Management

· Flexible Billing screen for easy and fast billing

· Authorization control based stock update from sales for quick billing

· Integrated with all POS accessories such as barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer, etc.

· Support for multiple inventory type such as standard, serialized, Barcoded.etc including multi-dimensional item entry (color, size, etc.).

· All Values can be sorted based on item name, code, , rates, , etc.

· Quotation/estimate can be converted to Sales order or Bill on just a click of button.

· Delivery challans can be issued to customers and such delivery challans can be combined into a sales invoice.

· Option to print sales invoice as tax invoice [for customers who have registered with VAT and want input VAT credit for their purchases from you] or as retail invoice [for consumers]. The print format can be automatically selected based on customer type

· Offline billing when the server is down due to hardware or network failure, the clients can continue to bill. Each time the client starts up, it downloads the price information from the server and is used for offline billing. When the server comes back, the billed information are uploaded to the server and normal operations are restored

· Configuration to set the default quantity to bill. In stores where all items have barcode label, the default quantity to bill is set to 1 so that every item must be scanned. This help accurate invoicing of what is carried by the customer.

· Minimum margin for each and every product can be controlled based on minimum selling price configuration

· Quick add customer from billing screen with minimal key strokes to make billing faster store customer information for future reference

· Item Wise discount, Bill wise discount or special discount,

· Facility to define item wise, duration wise, Item group wise scheme.

· You can use up to 4 credit card and one cheque and cash on a same bill.

· Quotation can be made with discounts, conversions or price levels.

Price Control

· Access controlled and authorized price override. Whether to allow rate edit for a product is part of the product master and so the price override can be controlled for each and every product

· Access controlled option to select the price level on which to invoice a customer. Again, the entire invoice can be made on the price level or only a particular product(s) invoiced on the price level.

Printing Bill

· Invoice printing on plain as well as preprinted stationary

· The sales order and delivery challan reference number(s) can be printed in the invoice.

Sales Man

· Master to define sales man / representative commission based on product or based on category. In the invoice screen, the sales man / representative name can be specified for the invoice or for each product. This help get reports on sales man commission accurately

· Product Age based commission for salesman

Delivery Challan

· Delivery Challan can be converted into Sale Bill and purchase return on click of a key. No need to reenter the Challan details again.

· Shipping address can be given in Delivery challan.

· Option to authorize qty while converting Delivery Challan to sales

Inventory Management

Change selling

· Change selling allows to change selling price of items. Change selling screen can be configured to update purchase price, MRP and cost of items based on secure access.

· Change selling data can be grouped based on various parameters like purchase rate, selling price and , MRP based on configuration which helps in effective management of data.

· If Items are having unique barcode feature enabled than change selling can be done for each barcode value qty wise.

· Change selling can be done to Discount from regular price: The prices of the affected items will be discounted by the percentage entered.


· Material issue and receipt module

· Item transaction history is very useful to know and track the full item flow.

· Complete stock movement and analysis can be managed and tracked.

· Detailed stock status reporting based on supplier category etc

· Flexible and user configurable options for product categorization

· Facility to maintain supplier product code and your product code

· Comprehensive stock and sales statement for your inventory management needs

· Stock update helps to maintain Inventory correctly any discrepancy in stock can be managed

· Packing list generation

Opening Stock

· Opening stock entry to take stock input at initial phase of software implementation

· Opening stock entry can be done as to effect on Day one means (to take effect on entered date).

Physical Stock Audit

· Automatic generation of stock discrepancy report based on computer and physical stock, correction of discrepancy Etc. This makes daily stock taking easier and enables accurate measure of pilferage

Returns Management

· Returns Management / Damage / Breakage tracking and convert as purchase returns.

Stock Transfer

· Stock transfer between locations just by click of a key

· Discrepancy analysis for stock transfer

· Acknowledgements for stock transfer

Inwards Management

Inward management means procedure for maintaining material receipt effectively

Purchase Management

· Receipt note can be converted to Purchase.

· Option to adjust credit notes, purchase returns etc.

· View history for previous purchases from same distributor

· View outstanding from purchase

· If there is any Price difference in Purchase order and purchase bill, Purchase Invoice to be kept as pending until discrepancy is solved

Purchase Order

· Purchase order can be converted to Purchase or Receipt note based on simple key stroke.

· Purchase order/Receipt Note wise items can be loaded in Purchase Order for easy of ordering.

· Pending purchase order details to help analysis inventory better.

· Purchase Price can be fixed to a supplier based .there is no need to select price at the time of Placing purchase order.

Purchase Returns Management

· Purchase return can be adjusted in purchase

· Full purchase can be returned based on a single key stroke.

· Purchase return can be made based on cost price or purchase price depending upon supplier need.


Accounts is the system of recording, verifying, and reporting of the value of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in the books of account. Accounting is a system that provides quantitative information about finances.

Accounts Security

· Administrator control to create user based access levels with passwords.

· Restricted access to the screens depending on the user.

· Screen wise operations can be restricted or allowed based on password

· Trial Balance and Profit & Loss can be generated

· Balance Sheet can be generated

· All types of vouchers entry are supported in Cristalo Online

· Multi company accounting

· Supports both Double entry method of entry system

· Annual Accounting maintenance means the ledger balances can be maintained year wise

· Comprehensive tracking of receipts with reconciliation for all receipt instruments

· Support to implement cost center, profit center etc. using account dimensions as per business and operational management needs

· Easy & powerful interface for bill to bill payment / receipt adjustment

· Comprehensive on-account / excess adjustment mechanism

· Multi currency supported

· Bank Reconciliation Statement Maintenance

Flexible reports

· Report can be exported to Excel

· Petty cash report

· Analysis report like age wise analysis, etc

· VAT registers / reports

· All statutory registers like sales register, purchase register etc are maintained automatically

Customer Management

· Schemes and offer integration in sales

· Multiple price levels supported. Price level can be set based on customer and product Can setup different price levels (unlimited) - based on product/item or category Previous purchase history.

· Comprehensive customer master with customer type & invoice/ addresses

Security Management

· Restricted access to the screens depending on the user or role.

· Screen wise operations can be restricted or allowed based on password.

· Prevent POS fraud. POS fraud is one of the biggest losses for the retailer. Cristalo Online POS security configuration help retail business owner plug all holes. The audit log of all POS operation help retrospect and identify the reason for pilferage

· Role has multi levels of security that can be controlled very flexibly.


· Comprehensive auditing of all transactions helps in finding discrepancy. you can easily verify the day to day addition /modification done by the user.

Barcode Features

· Supports barcode scanning:

· Barcode font integrated with excel for printing barcode on laser printer..

· Support for Unique barcode generation based on each item each qty.

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