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Hollywood Multimedia Limited is a unique Software and Web design Company offering a variety of services from basic Website Design to complete e-commerce stores. We have created and launched hundreds of successful websites since our inception for many different types of businesses. Hollywood Multimedia Limited has the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices and the ability to turn your ideas into reality! 

Our website design clients range from small start-up companies to large corporations and everything in between. With our combined experience in graphic Design, website development and e-commerce stores, you can be confident that whatever your project demands, we can deliver. Web design portfolio highlights some of our designers work in a variety of categories. Since each of our clients are unique. It is always our policy to implement the client's ideas first and offer our suggestions as we go. We believe that creativity is part of individuality!  

We understand the requirement of the Client and our Dynamic Website will be fully compatible and provide full features as per the specification given below for a college: -


Suggested Sections in Dynamic Website
















  • College Profile
  • College History
  • Motto and Objective
  • Founder Chairman
  • Chairperson
  • Administration
  • Advisory  Council
  • Convocation
  • Principal Message
  • Our Staff – Awards and Achievements
  • Campus Locations and Maps




  • Library (As per the features of the Vendor of Library Software )
  • Laboratories
  • Research Project
  • Computer Lab
  • Seminar Room
  • College Auditorium
  • Medical Aid
  • College Canteen
  • Career Counseling
  • Sports and Gym 



  • Admission Rules
  • Important Dates
  • Procedure
  • College Fees
  • Financial Assistance
  • Download Forms 



  • Courses Offered
  • No of Seats
  • Course Structure
  • Academic Rules
  • Departments
  • Faculty 



  • Sports
  • College Magazine
  • Student Unions
  • Election Rules
  • General Rules
  • Rules Regarding Nomination etc.
  • Election Campaign
  • Election Disqualifications




This Section facilitates to post the various Upcoming and held activities/events  organized in institution i.e. debates, Cultural Fests, Seminars, Sports Events, Study Tours, Award and achievements etc along with the glimpses of special moments captured in photographs. 



Photo Gallery is a place where moments of various Events, Ceremonies, Functions, Seminars and Consortiums are being captured in the camera are being captured in the camera are displayed. 



Various courses offered by the Institution can be posted.  Also the details of various campus selections organized by the Institution for corporate and companies could be listed for the Students reference. 



Flash is a very good method to lay an impact on your visitors mind. It boosts and enhances your branding towards a modern feel.  After all branding out of the crowd is not so easy but flash makes it well. 



An online form is one of the best methods to collect information or questions from your visitors. We can make an advance inquiry form so that a visitor can fill a form as per your predefined questions and send to your e-mail address entirely from your website. 



This anchor is just a referential position for the ‘skip navigation’ access-key ‘0’. Website features have some essential features of our websites are outline below.  These are generally applicable to both our basic and advanced websites. 




Unless specified otherwise, our websites are built using the latest XHTML, highly optimized for speed so that your viewers don’t sit around waiting for your pages to load, or even worse move on the another website. 



Our websites have built-in accessibility features which ensure that your target audience can experience your website regardless of visual or other impairments. Apart from ethical obligations, there are also increasing legal reasons for considering this issue. 



Through this Graphics, you can use your existing graphics and Artwork if you wish to successfully transfer your Institution’s image to your new website. Alternatively we can provide new original graphics for your website in the form of logos, banners, buttons, in-line images and backgrounds. All graphics are optimized for both size and quality to preserve your available bandwidth (the number of web pages that may be requested in a month) and further reduce the download time of the pages. 





Website security is an utmost priority. All website forms are protected from improper date input, both in the user’s browser and at the remote server.  Your E-mail address where presented on your website is also protected with anti-spam measures.  Databases are secured via username/password protection and potentially sensitive information is secured using industry-standard encryption algorithms.


Of late, internet has become a powerful media to run a business in a profitable way and to earn a good name in the minds of the clients as well as the business world. For running an internet business successfully, you definitely need a well designed website. It is not always possible to design a full fledged website on individual basis. There are several steps to be followed in designing a website and basically it needs proper planning and execution.

As far as web designing India(Hollywood multimedia)is concerned, there are many reputed companies, which design website that suits your business. Before designing a website, you have to plan about the salient features you want in the website and create a list of selections in the order of priority. Then, you have to finalise the content and fix a style that your business may require. Now, you can build your website with provisions of updating as and when required. Finally you have to register a domain, determine a host and upload the website. 

In this regard, it is stated that Hollywood Multimedia Limited is a web design company which does the best service of web designing and other related services. This company, equipped with latest knowledge of current web designing standards and practices, has the ability to give a real shape to your ideas and help your business flourish to a greater level. In this company’s fold, there are clients ranging from business starters to high ranging corporate business establishments.

Professional experts of this web designing company are always at your service to fulfil your dreams of running a business successfully through internet. These experts are always ready to implement the client’s ideas and at the same time never fail to offer valuable suggestions for the betterment of your internet business. Hollywood multimedia offer high quality web designing services with the help of web designing experts and web developers at affordable rates. Maximum satisfaction of the clients is also kept in mind in web designing and developing services offered by Hollywood Multimedia Limited

Among all the processes of designing a website, it is very much important that any website is driven by its quality content. This alone makes a site effective and successful. A graphic/web designer will take care of the visual aspect of your site namely the design. Attractive design is also an equally important factor. Just creation of a business website alone will not serve your purpose and it is essential to maintain your website by updating and adding new and useful content on a regular basis.

As you are aware, there are several web designing companies in India and you have to select your company to design your business website after looking the factors like price, company credentials, company location, past performances, creativity, style of work, packages offered, availability of experts and professionals in the field.Hollywood Multimedia Limited is the best web design company-Delhi that offers quality services in web designing and web developing and any level of business establishments, whether small scale or large scale, can utilise their best services for the betterment of their internet businesses.


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