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Flash Application Development

Flash allows web designers to create and develop animations and interactive movies or images that can be embedded into a web page. In its early stages, Flash was mostly used in the development of vector based animations, which meant that Flash movies could have small file sizes, so they could downloaded and rapidly played over the internet. 

Flash became popular with web developers as a means of producing animated 'splash screens' or presentations, to make a web site seem more fun and attractive. However unfortunately this technique was over used and diminished the value of this amazing multimedia tool.

More recently, Flash technology has become more powerful, and developers have now begun to truly appreciate its potential to create more sophisticated web-based applications. Flash is now used to create small tutorials complete with interactive animations and self-testing exercises. It is a great e-learning tool.

Hollywood Multimedia Limited proffers complete solutions for designing of flash images. The flash images designed by us are completely vivacious. Flash images are more captivating as compare to still images. Flash images adds life to the presentations. The flash images, designed by us are highly catchy and full of vibrant colors. The animations jobs are performed by highly skilled experts.

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