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Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration is refer to e-commerce and e-business services that authorizes payments for e-business & online retailer and shoppers. It in a best way to present POS (Point-of-sale) terminal located in most retailers and shoppers outlet. Payment gateways integrations encrypt very sensitive information about the customers, such as credit card numbers, debit card numbers, bank login details to ensure that information pass securely between the Buyers and the Retailers.

Types of Payment Gateways

The Payment Gateway is needed to be acquired by the Retailers or Owners of the site and the integration of the same in to the web site is performed by Hollywood Multimedia Limited. There exist various types of Payment Gateways Integration, some of which are mentioned below & since it requires varying amount of effort in integrating.

Payment Gateway Process

Working of Payment Gateway Integration Though it may sound very simple but actually the entire work of a payment gateway integrations is very comprises of multiple complex steps a details of which is given below: -

·         Visitor places the request for buying the product or services on website of and it is send to the Retailer web server in encrypted format. This is usually done through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

·         The transactions details are then forwarded to the concerned Payment Gateway Integration.

·         The transaction information is then passed on to the Retailer banker by the Payment Gateway which is integrate with the website.

·         Merchandisers acquiring bank then forwards the transaction information to the issuing bank.

·         Then the Credit or Debit card issuing bank sends a response back to the Payment Gateway. The response includes information that whether the payment has been approved or rejected. In case of rejection the rejection reason is also send in the response massage.

·         The response of the issuing bank is then forwarded by the Payment Gateway to the merchants server.

·         At merchants server the response is encrypted and again relayed back to the customer. This allows the buyers to know that what are the statues of the order either it placed successfully or not.

The entire process typically takes few seconds. At the end of the day bank (or settlement time) the Concern bank deposits the total approved amount in to the Retailers nominated account.

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