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 Hollywood Multimedia Limited has the team of highly skilled and dedicated software engineers and consultants experienced in diverse areas like Finance, Manufacturing, Retailing, Distribution, Inventory Management & Control to reflect our commitment while meeting the customer requirements and providing user friendly, cost effective and on-time solutions. We have in-depth experience, wide expertise in the areas of Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Client/Server technology; GUI based front-end tools, and Object Oriented Methodology. Hollywood Multimedia Limited have people with core competence in the following technologies:

Development in VB/Dot Net

Programming languages: VB.Net, ASP. Net.

Reporting Tools: Crystal Report.

Web Platforms: IIS

Databases System: SQL Server, mySQL, etc.

Development in Java/J2EE

Programming languages: UML, XML, Java/J2ee.

Web Platforms: Tomcat, JBOSS, Web Logic, Web sphere

Databases System: Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, etc.


Web Technology

Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash 8, PHP 5.0 or higher Apache Server 1.3.x and MySQL 5.0 or higher, Adobe Photoshop CS+, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, os Commerce

Website Development Features:

Websites on table basis.

These types of site are completely table dependent sites, which means its all data is dependent on the table. We are trying to take images in less number and optimize these images. All the rules of w3c are applicable on these sites.

Table-less sites.

Generally, these sites are known as Divisional Sites. All the contents and other data used under a division, which make it more efficient and faster than a table base site as well as for the working of promotional tools and for search engines. We are trying to take images in less number and optimize these images. All the rules of w3c are applicable on these sites. 

CSS Base.

This is totally CSS based site, which means all the content and data is managed on central basis. By this way the management of the content is very much easier of these sites. 

The Features of our websites:

  • Browser cam – Web Browser Standard support
  • W3C HTML Validator
  • CSS Optimizer
  • XHTML Specification

In general we can comply with Web 2.0 regulation for websites.

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